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10 best false eyelashes for dramatic and natural looks that stay put


There’s no denying that, for many of us, the eyes are the focal point of any make-up look. In the UK, an estimated 14.6 million people used mascara in 2020, and any make-up enthusiast knows that a trusted volume boosting mascara is a make-up kit essential for maximising natural lashes.

But even the highest rated mascaras can only do so much and, ultimately, it takes a lot of trial and error to achive the ideal result. If you’re feeling let down by mascara as of late, it might be time to explore the world of false eyelashes. After all, they really are the ideal fast-track route to a look that oozes show-stopping glamour – without any smudging mishaps along the way.

To some of us, the mere thought of applying false lashes can instill fear in our hearts. Memories of thick white crusty glue and corners peeling away can be enough to put us off falsies for life. But false lashes have evolved in recent years, thanks to sophisticated magnetised pairs and adhesive sneakily disguised as black liquid liner – the process has been made so much simpler.

It’s also worth noting that, whilst it is common to associate false eyelashes with extravagant party looks, the vast ranges on offer mean there’s a pair for everyone. If thick, wide-eyed Bambi-esque lashes aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of flattering, subtle lashes to add a little extra oomph whilst still maintaining an understated, natural look.

In terms of application, make-up artist and lash expert Joy Adenuga tells us that the best angle to make application easy is to look down instead of closing the eye: “Hold the mirror against your chest and look into it” she recommends.

Another great tip is to utilise a lash applicator tool. Although a regular pair of tweezers can also be used, a specific lash applicator tool has a curved base which will gently grip the base of the lashes, resulting in precise application.

How we tested

Ease of application was a key factor in our testing process. As eyelashes can be tricky to apply, we were curious to see how the industry’s latest offerings compared to the lashes of the late noughties. Our tester had her work cut out, though. Historically, she has never been a fan of falsies and as a result, had not attempted to wear them for over a decade.

Each pair was closely monitored throughout a full work-day and rigorously checked for any peeling away at the corner of our eyelids. To ensure that our selections offered the best value for money, we specifically looked for pairs that promised multiple uses and removed cleanly, so that they could be utilised on numerous occasions.

The best false eyelashes for 2022 are:

  • Best false eyelashes overall – Flicker Lashes naked lash no.4 false lashes: £18,
  • Best eco-friendly false eyelashes – Eylure eco lash & stash, party ready false lashes: £9.99,
  • Best luxury false eyelashes – Lilly Lashes 3D faux minx, loyalty false lashes: £26,
  • Best false eyelashes for attention grabbing volume – Doll Beauty Samatha false lashes: £10,
  • Best individual false eyelashes – Huda Beauty hoodie flares #25 false lashes: £17,
  • Best magnetic false eyelashes – Lola’s Lashes L.W.I kit, queen me false lashes: £35,
  • Best false eyelashes for value – Boots wispy style #14, orla false lashes: £4,
  • Best false proof eyelashes with fool-proof application – By Joy Adenuga baby’s breath false lashes: £25,
  • Best colourful false eyelashes – Unicorn Lashes Russian rainbow pink floss lash: £9.99,
  • Best false eyelashes with non-magnetic application – Wing It Lashes boardroom false lashes: £35,

  • Best: Overall
  • Rating: 10/10
  • Adhesive : Adhesive liner pen (not included)

If you’re after a “my lashes but better” look, then you’ll love the range from Flicker Lashes. The sister-run brand creates lashes that are comfortable and reliable – the little black dress of false eyelashes, if you will. The 3D criss-cross design works in tandem with your natural lashes to blend in seamlessly, creating subtle volume which gives an instant eye opening effect to flatter all eye shapes.

We applied these with the invisible Flicker Lash fix naked adhesive (although the brand also has a black version in their range). The adhesive applied like a sheer white felt tip pen – and there was thankfully no awkward gluey residue. The strip adhered to the formula easily enough and felt both secure and comfortable – we actually forgot we were wearing them until quizzed by a friend about when we had lash extensions done (true story!). We’ll be recommending these to everyone we know.

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  • Best: Eco-friendly false eyelashes
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Adhesive: Lash glue (sold separately)

Made with 100 per cent recyclable materials and packaging, it’s no surprise this style by Eylure is our top sustainable eyelash pick out of the bunch. And they’re not just great for the planet, but great in general, too. With graduated criss-cross hairs, these will be an ideal pick for those with hooded eyes. Our tester found that they added amazing volume along with a touch of extra length at the corners, and blended in with our natural lashes nicely. The packaging also turns into a nifty little storage box. A great, eco-friendly all rounder for pretty much any occasion.

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  • Best: Luxury false eyelashes
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Adhesive: Magnetic liquid eyeliner (not included)

When you’re trialling the same lashes favoured by A-listers such as the Kardashians and Jenners, expectations are set high – but Lilly Lashes certainly delivers. We tested the style loyalty, a high volume, ultra fluttery style, which are perfect for a night out.

As this particular style is magnetic, we used the brand’s compatible magnetic eyeliner (£34, to attach them to our lash line, which was relatively foolproof. Although our tester initially had some issues with a corner lifting, this was easily corrected with an extra application of the eyeliner. Our tester enjoyed the full-on glamour appeal of this pair, and was able to remove them easily without interrupting the rest of their makeup look. Lilly Lashes claims that each pair of its 3D faux mink lashes are reusable for up to 50 wears, which we find justifies the slightly higher price point.

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  • Best: False eyelashes for attention grabbing volume
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Adhesive : Lash glue (not included)

For a real pin-up, vixen look we high highly recommend opting for Doll Beauty’s Samantha lashes. These impressively long, fanned out falsies are definitely not for shrinking violets (and we must admit they looked rather intimidating in the box) but once they were on our lids, we loved the glamour they brought to our look.

The larger size of these made them less fiddly to apply and press into place, and they felt surprisingly lightweight in consideration of their size. Removal was simple, and they looked just as good back in the box after a day of wear, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. We’ll be using these for party season and beyond.

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  • Best: Individual false eyelashes
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Adhesive : Lash glue (not included)

Our tester had her reservations about applying individual lashes, having previous frustrating experiences. Fortunately, we knew we were in good hands – Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan’s first foray into her billion dollar beauty brand was her eponymous eyelash range back in 2013, so it’s safe to say she knows more than a thing or two about good quality lashes.

The set comes with three rows of eight individual clusters, and our tester went for a classic look with the mid range named natural chunks.

Whilst these do not come with an adhesive, the brand does sell two separately, including a waterproof (£14, and latex-free version (£14, We found these surprisingly easy to apply despite being a little more time consuming. The end result? The look of lash extensions for a fraction of the price.

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  • Best: Magnetic false eyelashes
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Adhesive : Magnetic eyeliner (included)

If you’re new to the world of magnetic lashes, this kit by Lola’s Lashes is a great starting point. Complete with an application tool, magnetic eyeliner and a handy pen to remove any eyeliner mishaps, you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to complete the look.

Our tester trialled the style queen me, a super voluminous curled lash. These popped on in seconds and the shiny vinyl-like eyeliner pen complemented the look perfectly. We found the removal pen to be a great addition, as our tester has perfectionist tendencies!

We were highly impressed with the durability of these, as they remained in place during a particularly sweaty, humid day. The removal process was also a piece of cake – afterwards they looked good as new – and you can buy the lashes on their own (£20, or as part of the kit.

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  • Best: False eyelashes for value
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Adhesive : Latex-free glue (included)

With such a vast selection of unique lashes from a huge range of brands, sometimes we might neglect the most obvious of places, such as high street superhero Boots. It turns out that its own brand’s lash range is pretty impressive. Case in point: this gem of a pair costing under a fiver, which includes a mini quick-drying glue. The style orla creates a gorgeous wispy, fluttery romantic look, which makes them perfect for adding extra definition for any occasion. The light, flared out edge will also help to give hooded eyes some extra dimension without weighing them down. Our tester had a full day’s wear with these and felt minimal irritation – we’re looking forward to trying out more in this budget friendly range.

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  • Best: False eyelashes with fool-proof application
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Adhesive: Eyeliner lash glue (included)

Super light, incredibly long, well-crafted and very simple to apply, we adored makeup artist and educator, Joy Adenuga’s baby’s breath lashes. These are applied with a super pigmented two-in-one eyeliner adhesive which locked our lashes into place immediately – even novices will be able to pop these on without any hassle. Our tester loved the fullness and extra dimension these gave to our look.

There is the option to purchase the lashes separately (£9.99,, or as a complete kit (£25, with a saving that includes the eyeliner and applicator for £25.00. We know we shouldn’t, but we kept stroking our feathery soft lashes throughout the day, and they still stayed in place!)

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  • Best: Colourful false eyelashes
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Adhesive : Lash glue (sold separately)

Looking for party or festival lashes to complement a particular outfit? Or maybe just want to add a vivid colour pop to your makeup look? Unicorn Lashes have got you covered with its selection of colourful lashes. In general, most colourful ranges are pretty extreme but, call us crazy, we really loved how these still had an element of subtly about them. Admittedly, they have neon pink accents, but in terms of the lash style, they added volume and a nice curl without being OTT. Although we wouldn’t wear them to our daily Tesco shop, we would definitely consider them for a night out, whilst keeping the rest of our look low key to balance it out.

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  • Best: False eyelashes with non-magnetic application
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Adhesive : Black eyeliner adhesive pen (included)

Playful and fluffy, these lashes are sure to attract attention without being OTT. The layered volume effect blends in beautifully with natural lashes for a full and fluttery look, which will take you from the office to a night out. So it was great news to find that these lasted all day without any annoying peeling at the edges.

Whilst we were big fans (see what we did there) of the overall effect of the Wing It lashes, we were particularly impressed with the brand’s unique black eyeliner adhesive pen (this is included with the starter kit) which applied smoothly and evenly, like a reliable felt tip eyeliner pin. The result? A clean, easy application and super defined black wing. The brand’s unique, patented eyeliner formula gives a similar application to magnetic lashes, although the formula is completely magnet-free and can be used with any lashes.

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The verdict: False eyelashes

Our tester had the best experience with Flicker Lashes in no.4, which wore comfortably and gave a nice volume boost – whilst still looking subtle enough for everyday. Huda’s hoodie flares were also a surprising success – being able to customise our look with individual lashes is a great option. But, for a party look when time is of the essence, we’ll be grabbing By Joy Adenuga’s lashes in baby’s breath, as these applied seamlessly and gave an instant glamour fix.

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