37th annual Vancouver International Wine Festival ends this weekend


By justinmcelroyglobalnews Global News

Posted February 27, 2015 3:17 am

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With over 1750 selected wines from 14 countries and 53 events in 7 days, Vancouver’s International Wine Festival, with wraps up this weekend, can be intimidating for novices.

“Go to at least one winery from each of the 14 countries,” suggests Harry Hertscheg, Executive Director of the Festival.

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He says first-time festival goers should wear sensible shoes, eschew perfume – and not wear any white.

The regional theme for this year is Australia, which has 55 different wineries presenting.

The majority of the events take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, where over 750 wines will be available for sampling. Event prices range from $45 to $95.

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– With files from Linda Aylesworth