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Sculptural Brushstrokes and the Movement of Nature Reflected in Architect Mario Romano’s Latest Project, Preston House


Mario Romano is an artist specializing in architecture, design and digital fabrication. He has designed and built over 50 million dollars worth of high-end residential projects. With an affinity for nature’s complex forms, Mario has pioneered his own systems incorporating digital tools, CNC machining technology and hassle-free construction techniques. Mario’s vision and expertise is pushing the envelope of the design-build environment.

The story of this sculptural house has a natural beginning, middle and end, with just the right amount of drama. Preston is daring, progressive, fearless and original. The exterior of the home appears like brush strokes, as if the home itself was a painting. There is motion across the brushed aluminum façade, absorbing the colors of the sky and constantly changing the tone and color.

The 5,700 square foot environmentally friendly home features six beds and five baths. Many of the home’s interior surfaces are comprised of Romano’s own product line, the innovative M.R. Walls and Floors. Each surface is lyrical and graphical in nature, inspired by organic forms that bring the landscape environment inside the home. Holistically, the wall and floor systems are antibacterial, waterproof and virtually indestructible. Using a new material from Italy called Fenix, the kitchen island deploys nano technology that maintains the island’s original unmarred surface when heat is applied directly.

Envisioning the work of artist Hokusai, the architectural language of Mario Romano’s Preston House resembles the blowing wind, brush strokes and the solitude of barreled water. It is the metaphor of strength and poetry in Hokusai’s paintings that served as the primary inspiration for Romano, leaving a permanent and psychological impression on him as a young adult living in Venice.


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