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9 best make-up organisers that will take pride of place on your dresser


Picking up new beauty and skincare products can become addictive, whether you’re a fan of TikTok make-up trends or simply love shopping for a cult-classic cosmetic buy.

If, like us, your desk drawer is currently crammed with lippy and hand cream and your handbag is full of make-up palettes, the idea of an easy cosmetics organiser to streamline all this stuff sounds very appealing.

From zip-up pouches and trays to storage drawers and vanity cases, there’s a wide selection of make-up organisers to choose between. Which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to try them all out and find the best for you.

You could organise your entire make-up collection for an easier routine, get a few key daily items in order or just stop loose eyeshadows becoming lost in amongst the chaos.

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How we tested

We reviewed a few make-up organisers over several weeks of testing, stashing our various beauty bits in separate compartments and keeping mascara, moisturiser and more, nice and secure. Our tester looked at how much space each organiser offered, as well as durability and aesthetic. Finally, we considered all budgets and checked out value for money too. These are the best of the bunch.

The best make-up organisers for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Joseph Joseph viva large cosmetic organiser with removable mirror: £35,
  • Best desktop make-up organiser – Stackers pebble grey make-up organiser: 55,
  • Best for storing perfume bottles – The White Company silver glass tray – set of 2: £35,
  • Best budget buy – Boots cosmetic organiser: £8,
  • Best compact make-up organiser – Trish McEvoy small power of makeup makeup planner: £35,
  • Best luxury buy – Beautifect box nude: £279,
  • Best for an entire make-up collection – NYX Professional Makeup make-up artist train case: £50,
  • Best for make-up brushes – Illamasqua brush belt: £24,
  • Best for stackable storage – The Flat Lay Co. brown leopard open flat makeup box and tray: £19.99,

Joseph Joseph viva large cosmetic organiser with removable mirror

Best: Overall

Rating: 9/10

This pale pink and grey make-up organiser has a whopping ten small tray compartments on the top level, with five deep spaces for brushes running along the back, a mirror attachment and a large drawer underneath complete with a section divider. The mirror function is particularly clever as it can be positioned in place, stored in a slot, or used separately. Plus, all the section dividers are removable for cleaning or space purposes.

Our tester liked the combination of easy access make-up storage and being able to secure messier products in a hidden section, while the unit also looked minimalistic on our dressing table. When getting ready in another room, the entire organiser is transportable too. The whole drawer comes out to enable easy make-up access, which we found really useful for seeing all our products. We think the £35 price tag is reasonable as well, given the storage potential, versatile finish, and robust practicality.

Stackers pebble grey make-up organiser

Best: Desktop make-up organiser

Rating: 8/10

This luxurious-looking grey organiser adds a classic aesthetic to any surface, and we placed it on our desk. Combining storage that tidily hides make-up in a drawer with space to display products neatly, we popped our fanciest beauty bits in the top section while stashing loose lipsticks below. The faux leather finish has a realistic textured effect, and the drawer itself feels sturdy.

Our tester has been using the 19cm x 25cm x 18cm organiser to store perfume and make-up, as well as jewellery. The drawer’s inside edge easily wipes clean too, which we appreciated for any inevitable marks and spills. Although a pricier purchase, this organiser does look like an interior addition, and we think the cost reflects that.

The White Company silver glass tray – set of 2

Best: For storing perfume bottles

Rating: 8/10

There are two different sized storage trays in this set, and they both have sturdy stainless steel-plated frames, glass sides and a mirrored base. Our tester mostly used them for arranging perfume bottles, and they looked much tidier placed on the trays than lined up randomly in our bedroom. We could fit an impressive nine 100ml perfumes on the large tray, and four on its smaller counterpart, plus, the glass panels mean you have the full bottle on display.

Even when full of scent bottles, we noted there’s space to keep jewellery and loose lipsticks too. Our tester rated these organisers for adding a classic storage solution to go with any décor.

Boots cosmetic organiser

Best: Budget buy

Rating: 9/10

This transparent make-up organiser has compartments for different product sizes and includes an impressive 16 sections to hold lipstick, foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow. There’s a large compartment which we could fit at least six palettes into, while the adjacent spaces go up in levels, so products are neatly displayed.  Meanwhile at the back, two deeper compartments can hold tweezers, eyeliners, and taller products.

We think the versatile cosmetics organiser holds a surprising amount of stuff for its medium size. Priced at under a tenner, the robust storage solution looks far more expensive than it Is too.

Trish McEvoy small power of makeup makeup planner

Best: Compact make-up organiser

Rating: 8/10

What’s different about this make-up organiser is it can be customised with specific Trish McEvoy products which cleverly clip into the ring binder section. The 6in x 4.25in x 2.5in black quilted planner is a compact size, but still has enough space to hold a few products for your daily routine. There’s an inner mesh pocket which zips up to stop loose bits falling out, and we found this handy removable pouch ideal for eyeliners and a sharpener. Meanwhile, a large main pocket joins four sleeves to accommodate make-up brushes. We appreciated the ease of using the planner to store essentials in a handbag and how stylish this case looks on surfaces at home.

Beautifect the Beautifect box, nude

Best: Luxury buy

Rating: 8/10

This solid case has a chic raised quilted design, sturdy carry handle and rose gold trim with two click-shut catch fastenings. When we opened the sizeable case, our tester was immediately wowed by the integral mirror inside, especially as they light up on each side. These LED lights can be adjusted via touch screen buttons and have five lighting colour modes and three brightness settings, which we found very impressive. The base compartment is split into four sections, with space to hold lots of different sized make-up. On top there are two inner flaps with loop holders to secure eyeliners and make-up brushes.

Although clearly a splurge buy, the beauty of this make-up organiser is it doubles up as a portable dressing table (and ring light). The chic finish looks expensive, while being particularly robust to protect make-up and there’s no doubt it significantly elevated our application routine.

NYX Professional Makeup make-up artist train case

Best: For an entire make-up collection

Rating: 8/10

This substantial make-up organiser is black with silver metal trim, a handle, and a lockable click-shut fastening. Opening it out, our tester saw four side sections span outwards to reveal a main compartment below. Designed as a carry case for make-up artists, we were able to get almost our entire make-up collection inside. The wipeable interior means it won’t get mucky when our concealer and eyeshadow inevitably drips or marks the edges, and we shoved lots of products into each compartment.

Even in the smallest sections, we could still fit at least ten tubes of mascara, lipstick, or eyeliner. The base has enough depth to cater for bulkier items too, such as eyelash curlers, loose powder pots and sizeable make-up palettes. Although a chunky shape, we didn’t feel any space was lost inside.

Illasmasqua brush belt

Best: For make-up brushes

Rating: 8/10

This sizeable zip-up brush belt opens to reveal space for different sized make-up brushes, while the black shiny faux leather material wipes clean with ease too. Our tester has been keeping around 30 brushes inside, and there’s still room to spare for more. As well as the many rows of large and small pockets, our tester noticed a wider one at the front of each side where we’ve been stashing hair clips and scrunchies. We’ve been storing the belt in a drawer or cabinet, but if you are a make-up artist, you’ll be interested in the adjustable belt which is attached too.

The Flat Lay Co. brown leopard open flat makeup box and tray

Best: For stackable storage

Rating: 8/10

Available in a multitude of aesthetically pleasing prints and colours, this zip-up make-up organiser can be stored flat or used as a box by fastening Velcro strips on the sides to create a firmer structure. We love the brown leopard print pattern and practical wipe-clean fabric, plus an integral gold zip attaches to a looped handle to hang it up. Our tester filled the main 22cm x 22cm x 11cm compartment with nail varnish, mascara, and lipsticks with plenty of space to spare, while there’s an inner zip-up pocket too, ensuring extra storage security for smaller items. When fixed into a box shape, you could also stack other shades on top too for a buildable set of eclectic make-up organisers.


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