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Launched in 2005, Art & Living a global multi-media company that celebrates creators and their creations, their lives, and their work. From the latest trends to the most significant innovations, ART & LIVING is about exclusive, premium content. Propelled by our news feeds and social media, supported by our print magazine, promoted through in-house events, and fueled by Art & Living’s internationally recognized brand.

A&L is an interactive digital platform of original content on notable creators in different walks of life that will be prepared for an international audience and distributed thru different mediums.

Art & Living utilizes content to drive the social marketplace, delivering the most interesting, entertaining and consequential content through its website.

The definition of what constitutes art and culture has spread far and wide into many arenas. Art, both fine and commercial, is no longer restricted to museums. Art has bled into fashion, music, movies, architecture, urban planning, education, sports, politics. Art and the culture that organically rises from artistic ideas and invention, continually force us to see the world anew and Art and Living captures this through our daily newsletters and news feeds.

Our social media campaign, #IAmArt is designed to breakdown the traditional ideas about art and allows creators to post their interpretations of art. What is YOUR art?

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