Amy Cohen Banker

[caption id="attachment_1930" align="alignnone" width="577"]Amy Cohen Banker, Orpheus 3. Image courtesy of the artist. [/caption]

One of the most versatile artists working today, Cornell University graduate Amy Cohen Banker works in acrylic, oil, pastels, aquarelle, oil sticks, varnishes, glazes, finishing and surface techniques, and photography—and she is a published poet. “I explore the basic issues of opacity, color, form, depth, obfuscation and revelation in life, language and in art,” Cohen Banker explains. “I can’t help but be influenced by philosophy, poetry, literature, and metaphors, especially of strong feminist models: women’s conflicting roles in a changing time throughout the centuries.”

Using a visually striking color palette in all of her work, Amy describes her process as intuitive rather than conscious. “Some of the colors I use in my paintings are artificial, but even if the work isn’t meant to be directly realistic, it’s still about the way I see the world,” she clarifies. “I suppose I’m just replicating what I perceive the world’s colors
to be.”

Cohen Banker blends many of the mediums she works in and infuses each piece with a very personal touch. “My work is integrated with my writing, psychology, and my early childhood and life experiences. I tend to reinvent the same themes, working from a structure and then proceeding by distressing, demolishing, recreating and conserving,” she concludes. “My major themes are inner restoration and survival, and I’m always challenging reality versus myth.”