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Tim Fleming, the show’s managing director, asserts that he runs “the most progressive, avant-garde art fair on the West Coast.” A very selective fair—last year 64 galleries exhibited here—Tim says his show is “very digestible for collectors” because it features all “brand-new” contemporary work. A lot of that work is conceptual art—mixed media and sculpture that hails equally from local artists and those outside LA and even overseas.

As Fleming explains, plans for the future include expanding show’s reach. “We’re trying to tap into the film and television industry,” he says.The show was founded in 2005. According to Fleming, it has already launched the careers of many artists, including Amanda Ross-Ho, who now exhibits with Cherry and Martin.

Fleming, who went to art school in Chicago, opened a gallery there, and worked for Art Chicago, has a goal: “To make contemporary art accessible and to spotlight the LA art scene.” He says plainly, “There are a lot of amazing artists here; a lot is happening in LA.”

This year, the fair will be held again at Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar to accommodate more than the crushed bus—specifically, more galleries and more people.  “We’re aiming for 12,000 guests this year,” Fleming reveals.


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