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通用汽车北京工作室向全球展示中国的汽车设计 通用汽车公司 有个概念叫做C元素。 要定义这个C元素,着实有些难度,可以说它是一种设计的风格,通过这种设计表现出中国的特色。通用汽车国际运营部的设计副总监,Ken Parkinson在他的上海办公室里说道。“我们和来自中国的设计团队一起坐下来讨论,让他们帮助我们了解他们的设计意象的来源,”他解释道。

Guiding Lights

Overseeing the USA Pavilion isn’t an easy task, but Commissioner General José Villarreal and USA Pavilion President Martin Alintuck do it with a smile   For countries around the globe, expos have historically been seen as an opportunity to…

A Cast of Thousands

Behind the Scenes of the USA Pavilion The heart and soul of the USA Pavilion springs from many sources. It derives from the founders, the devoted staffers and volunteers, and the supportive sponsors. Without the backing of such companies…

A Word from Frank Lavin

The Chairman of the USA Pavilion Steering Committee shares his thoughts on the USA Pavilion and Expo 2010 Shanghai In the early morning rain of November 16, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton took a side trip from accompanying…