Chef Yannick Alleno is a name to remember – Paris

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Following the career of Chef Yannick Alleno, I discovered that he was hired to make existing Parisian restaurants into 3-star Michelin greats.  This was a task that he accomplished with great aplomb.  He was the 3-star man of the dining world.

I followed him when he was assigned to boost the Plaza Athenee’s hotel restaurant.  Soon after his arrival there, the stars appeared.  To keep the stars, the Plaza Athenee kept Yannick for a few years.  Then he was sent to the hotel Meurice to perk up a sleepy kitchen.  Immediately the stars flew to the Meurice which became the hottest restaurant.

A few years ago Yannick decided to save the 3-stars for himself and became the Chef owner, of the Pavillon Ledoyen in the lovely garden of the Petit Palais.  The charming building is now called Alleno Paris Pavillon Ledoyen.

It originally was built in 1779 in another location and in 1842 moved to its present site in the heart of Paris as an exquisite 2-story pavillon with gardens.  Yannick has the restaurant seating 45 people and upholds the fame of being one of Paris’ oldest and most prestigious restaurants.

Chef Alleno is credited for creating Extractions that bring sauces up to date, and Fermentations which invoke a product’s specific flavor, enhancing its true taste. If you seek the most creative delicious food genius, go to Pavillon Ledoyen Alleno Paris.  You will be amazed at his artistry in food preparation.  It is no surprise that Yannick Alleno is listed in the World’s Best Restaurants.


Appetitizers:  Hare Galantine– outstanding taste, texture, presentation, delicate flavor. The rare sauce is a mixture of sweet and sour cocoa with red beetroot, making an incredible delicacy.

Artichoke Frangipane Pie –The presentation is so beautiful, you are almost fearful to change it by eating it.  But the taste is as enjoyable as the picture of the pie.

“Coeur a petite touche” of Sea Scallops – so remarkable, that the sea must have cried upon losing these scallops.

Entrees:          Veal Sweetbread with Truffles, Romaine Lettuce with jus – the sweetbreads are so ethereal, that if you were blind-folded, you would think it was manna from heaven.  This is a “must” – not to be missed.  One of the great dishes in this world.

Black skin, side up Sole–   Oscietra caviar is whipped into a potato puree, and zested with a pepper extract sauce to bring out the rich flavor of the sole.

Pigeon roasted with Tarragon– one of the most creative dishes, made with fermented pepper and liver Royale, pigeon leg with fried amaranth, preserved shalots and date puree.


Alleno Paris Pavillon Ledoyen is the Best Restaurant in Paris.