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The pool was designed by Aly Daly using tiles by Creative Environments, which has a showroom in the Pacific Design Center. Daly, whose current clients are mostly high-end residential, buys nearly all of her tile from Creative Environments. The customer service is exceptional, not to mention the quality and selection of product. “I can go there and get lost for hours,” she says. “I’ll take my clients shopping there, and they’re overwhelmed by the range of choices.”

Daly knows she can count on Doyle Wynn, owner of Creative Environments, to have the best and latest products from all over the world. Whether she’s looking for a certain texture, hue, size or shape, Creative Environments will have it, and it will be unlike anything else. 
“I try to be outside the norm,” Daly says. “Why not push the envelope?


Creative Environments Inc.

8687 Melrose Ave. #B103

Los Angeles, California 90069



Aly Daly Design

Santa Monica, Califonia 90404





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