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Decentraland’s Push Toward Mobile and VR Accessibility


By April 2024, Decentraland is poised to unveil its magic on mobile and VR, reshaping its Metaverse for boundless creativity, immersive connections, and vibrant communities across virtual realms.

As part of its ‘Forging the Future’s Foundations’ initiative, a cutting-edge Unity-powered Desktop Client is being introduced to elevate the user experience.

In just months to come, users will have the opportunity to participate in town hall meetings, peruse art galleries, and enjoy live concerts from anywhere — using any device.

A New Era of Metaverse Accessibility

Decentraland, driven by a strong community spirit and decentralized, open-source principles, aims to boost user creativity. The ‘Protocol Squad’ — backed by DAO funding — leads efforts to integrate various game engines, fostering innovation and growing the platform.

Since September 2023, the team has been prioritizing two main goals: launching the Metaverse on mobile (App Store and Play Store) with the game engine ‘Godot’, and enhancing the desktop experience using ‘Bevy’.

Godot’s integration with XR headsets provides seamless compatibility, enabling browser access and improved mobile accessibility, while also enhancing voice-supported social interactions and meeting experiences.

Bevy, on the flip side, is a forward-looking project that focuses on building robust foundations, emphasizing extensibility, and harnessing promising open-source frameworks.

Bevy’s alignment with the Godot initiative is notable, as both engines effectively integrate ‘Rust’, a programming language known for its performance and safety features.

The Squad’s innovative approach aligns well with the Foundation’s goal of delivering an easily accessible product by 2024. Together, they are improving the Decentraland mobile and VR capabilities, crafting a more open and versatile Metaverse for users globally.

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