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Think fresh with Dell

Like you, we’re always searching for new ways to help preserve the planet and contribute to a sustainable future. One way to help preserve our environment is by using renewable packaging resources. That’s why we’ve started using bamboo packaging materials.

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing woody plants. It’s strong and easy on the environment. We harvest our bamboo from the Jiangxi Province in China, far away from the panda’s known habitats. The international Forest Stewardship Council certifies the forest and sets growing and processing standards, which we follow to help ensure best practices for using renewable resources. This fast-growing, soil-friendly plant is mechanically processed into pulp, and then molded into an incredibly strong protective shell. Innovations such as these enable us all to contribute to a better planet today and for generations to come. 

To achieve a common goal of preserving the planet for future generations, by 2012 we are committed to:

• A 10% reduction in packaging volume

• A 40% increase in recycled packaging content

• 75% of packaging materials being curbside recyclable

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