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Doja Cat Is One of the Cover Girls of CR Fashion Book


Doja Cat, the American rapper and singer, is one of the cover girls of the latest CR Fashion Book, which comes out Sept. 21 and is its biggest issue to date. The issue is themed “Front Row” and takes an irreverent approach to the frenetic energy, work and creativity required to navigate fashion month.

Inside the issue, Doja Cat is interviewed by Matthew M. Williams, creative director at Givenchy.

In discussing her evolving on-stage style, Doja Cat tells Williams, “I’ve just been so beaten up all the time, like I’m always getting s–t glued to my face and my head. And wearing things that are so tight and so heavy and destructive, so I would love to find a way to be more casual about it. And if I am going to do heavy and destructive, I’m just gonna go even further.”

Tom Kneller shot the Doja Cat covers.

There are several editions of the issue that each have different covers. Other top models on the cover are Mariacarla Boscono, Abby Champion, Rayssa Mederios, and Lina Werner, among others.

The issue explores the industry’s relationship with the metaverse, shows what’s happening behind the scenes, the diversifying front row, diets of the industry’s various roles, and what happens when the shows end for emerging designers, along with a host of other themes that Carine Roitfeld, founder and editor in chief of CR Fashion Book, wished to examine.


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