The Gift of Health: Dr. Wei K. Chao






Like many medical professionals in America, Dr. Wei K. Chao began his dental career studying Western medicine. He was also part of a generation caught up in a wave of curiosity and fascina- tion when President Richard Nixon’s diplomatic trip to China in 1972 first introduced acupuncture therapy to the general public in the US. At UCLA where he was studying his Doctor of Dental Surgery, two Chinese physicians on staff provided him with his first training in acupuncture. He later continued enriching his skills and knowledge by apprenticing in various clinics and serving as a teaching assistant at Traditional Chinese Medicine colleges throughout Southern California.

From there, he branched out to various areas of medical research. He contributed to a research study on the “Efficacy of Chinese acupuncture on postoperative oral surgery pain” which, along with others, served to guide the National Institute of Health’s recognition in 1997 of acupuncture as a legitimate medical treatment. Furthering his pioneering role in this growing field, Chao was named Director of the “Acupuncture For Dentists Program” at Universities of California in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Through these diverse experiences, Chao realized the advantages of practicing both types of medicine. “Why not use the best of what you’ve got?” he says. “Mix the two disciplines” to provide the most effective, qual- ity-of-life results for a patient. Chao’s practice of medicine has always been grounded, first and foremost, in helping people stay healthy. However, many types of holistic treatment are backed solely by anecdotal testimonials, leaving the medical community leery and critical.

To counteract the skepticism, Chao has collected much evidence-based data for the last two decades to back up the efficacy of holistic Natural Medicine. In the last fifteen years, “research in nutritional supplements has increased dramatically,” he says, which contributes to the public’s greater health awareness.

Chao combines state of the art Western nutritional and herbal supplements, along with the most sophisticated Western diagnostic techniques with the traditional Eastern therapies and medical philosophy of bringing the body back into balance to achieve optimal well-being.

In the meantime, Chao is inviting like-minded, visionary individuals to join and facilitate building his pioneering goals, where his passion and dedication to West- East medical integration will help train other health care profes- sionals to apply complementary treatments and reach the people whom they can help the most.