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[caption id="attachment_2047" align="alignnone" width="577"] A fireplace mantle framed with Enkeboll carvings. Image courtesy Enkeboll Designs. [/caption]

There is nothing so alluring as a beautiful piece of wood—cherry, maple, mahogany—the undulating pattern of its unique grain creating a sense of movement and vitality appropriate to the once-living matter. Take that cut of wood and lovingly hand carve it with a majestic design, and you have the ultimate in architectural detailing that could only be produced by Enkeboll.

This 52-year-old Los Angeles brand, founded by the passionate and energetic Raymond Enkeboll, remains true to its mission of providing gorgeous architectural pieces made with the highest quality materials. “There’s an aesthetic that’s true,” says Enkeboll CEO John Pujol.

As the American design and furniture industry struggles against mass-produced foreign imports, Enkeboll endures, thanks to Old World-quality artistry and vibrant design. Indeed, the company has built its reputation on classic—even classical—designs, many of which are trademarked.

Pujol is particularly excited about the future of Enkeboll. The company is cultivating new and dynamic relationships with top designers, and in 2009 plans to introduce an unprecedented number of new products.

Enkeboll is at the very top of its industry, but that doesn’t mean the company is staying still. “We’re having our own Renaissance,” says Pujol.

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