Esther Netter

[caption id="attachment_1967" align="alignnone" width="577"]: A child gets busy at the Zimmer Museum. Image courtesy of the Zimmer Museum.[/caption]

CEO, The Zimmer Museum

Among the many child-friendly museums in the U.S., the four-year-old Zimmer Museum in Los Angeles stands out with a philosophy embracing community outreach. Through hands-on exhibitions, the foundation teaches global citizenship, community responsibility, cultural sensitivity, generosity, acceptance of differences, and celebration of uniqueness.

By bringing museum programs to public schools, Esther Netter, CEO, explains, “We partner for arts education, giving students the opportunity to create, to have self-expression and to discover their own potential for leadership through the arts.”

Netter says that the Zimmer’s cultural programming “helps children in underserved communities who lack exposure to the visual arts increase their critical thinking skills about contemporary issues.”

The institution also offers visual and performing arts activities for young children and their parents, including a weekly open art studio. “Art helps children see and envision the world in more open, less prescribed ways, providing them with a way to think and communicate differently than if they were simply discussing or debating social issues,” says Netter.

Board of Director Chairperson Susan Amster agrees. “The Zimmer acts like a town hall for our families and the community, she says. “It really is a gathering place for so many.” Adds Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors Allison Berg, “The museum teaches children, both young and old, about the importance of community responsibility and giving back.”