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EXCLUSIVE: Rimowa Wants to Remind Everyone Why Germans Do It Better


LONDON — Luxury luggage manufacturer Rimowa is revisiting its German roots with its new campaign.

The one-minute short film is directed by Maik Schuster, member of the directors collective I Am Here and who have previously collaborated with the likes of Nike and Adidas.

The campaign is centered around the German word “ingenieurskunst” which translates to “the art of engineering” — the video is a 360-degree tour of the world of Rimowa with kinetic installations placed in various locations, from a studio to an airport. 

Daft Punk’s track “Around the World” sets the scene with Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne taking over in an orchestral cover. 

“We had it really planned out at the beginning of the year, because this was going to be the first time that the song was used for commercial purposes,” said Emelie De Vitis, chief marketing officer at Rimowa, who had to get it approved by the French electronic music duo.

De Vitis wanted to add an element of “poetry” to the campaign, settling on the two parts of the aluminum shell coming together above the sea, which in technical terms is known as a marriage.

Rimowa has become renowned for its collaborations with other brands, but in this particular campaign, De Vitis wanted to shift the focus back to the product without any distractions as the brand gets ready to celebrate its 125th anniversary next year.


“People know the brand, but they don’t necessarily know it’s German,” said De Vitis, adding that since July 25 Rimowa has implemented a lifetime guarantee to its customers as part of its sustainable initiatives.

“We’re always trying to improve the recycling rates of our polycarbonate suitcases, we’ve started to use the leftover shells in hidden parts of the suitcases,” explained De Vitis.

The rise of revenge travel for Rimowa has resulted in the stores “being taken by storm” despite their Chinese market not traveling as much. 

The disruption in travel has meant that the brand has had to restrategize by catering more carefully to its local clientele. 

“We are outperforming our 2019 [sales] without the Chinese traveling. It is a very strong sign and makes us very optimistic for the future when China hopefully opens up to travel,” said De Vitis.

Rimowa is currently on a collaboration pause. “We all know there’s a fatigue around collaboration, so we need to be more clever,” revealed De Vitis, who hinted at a partnership with a “German connection” coming soon.

Moving forward, De Vitis wants to start spotlighting niche brands for an element of surprise after working with global brands in the past.


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