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Gary Gibson


Gibson’s philosophy is elementary: design for people and how they live, not for yourself or recognition. Inspired by the natural geography of his native Los Angeles, Gibson finds beauty in something as simple as a rock or a piece of wood on the beach and translates that beauty into spaces that are elegant, simple, livable and comfortable. Gibson rejects interiors that look like sterile, artificial movie sets in favor of spaces clearly meant for living, complete with rumpled bed linens, haphazardly tossed pillows and a half-consumed glass of wine on the table.

In order to create real living spaces, which he thinks of as “tranquil sanctuaries,” Gibson must really get to know his clients. This means, above all, listening. But sometimes listening to a client’s words is not enough.  Sometimes he needs to hear beyond the words and read between the lines. “I really have to be a psychologist sometimes,” Gibson smiles.



7350 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, California



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