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Welcome Message from GE CEO Jeff Immelt

“We are proud to participate in the largest world expo as a Founding Partner of the USA Pavilion. Our engagement with the expo provides us with a tremendous opportunity to showcase for the world the healthcare and energy efficient innovative technologies our employees focus on every day at GE. The expo is also an opportunity to discuss these key technologies while the United States and China work together to build effective cooperation on clean energy and sustainable economic growth.”

GE—Imagining a Better Future

When Thomas Edison, GE’s founder, exhibited his inventions at a series of World EXPOs from 1870s to 1890s, GE was already focused on creating a better future and better life for people through its technology. For over a century, GE has been working to continue Edison’s legacy in Shanghai, one of the world’s most dynamic cities and a place where dreams become reality. As we see throughout the USA Pavilion, Edison’s ideals live on throughout the Pavilion and across China and the world today.

 As a founding partner of the USA Pavilion for the EXPO 2010 Shanghai, GE has provided a range of innovative technologies, including lighting, electrical distribution, water and security solutions to the USA Pavilion building. Embodying the “Rising to the Challenge” theme, GE is showcasing its solutions for meeting the world’s needs for a cleaner environment and healthier world. GE’s strategic initiatives  of ecomagination and healthymagination aim to make the EXPO 2010 Shanghai “better city, better life” theme a reality for people everywhere.

Ecomagination is GE’s business initiative aiming to help our customers tackle environmental and financial challenges and to drive sustainable growth. This set of environmentally-minded business solutions has been developed to meet the challenges of today’s world. Inside the USA Pavilion, GE has created an interactive ecomagination wall where visitors have the opportunity to interact with GE’s solutions and experience the benefits of generating  energy from wind, sun light and biogas, purifying water and embarking on journeys powered by fuel-efficient locomotives and aircraft engines.

Healthymagination is GE’s commitment to providing  better healthcare to more people by investing in technology to achieve sustainable health through innovation, improving quality and reaching more people. At the USA Pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to look inside the body with “Visible You”, an experience inspired by our advanced medical imaging technology. As you move your body, a 3D model mimics your every move as it cycles through simulations of your muscular, cardiovascular and nervous  systems. “Visible You” is a demonstration of healthymagination, GE’s commitment to bringing better health to more people.

Innovation has been the spirit and heritage of GE since Thomas Edison’s founding of the company. It is the key driver of GE’s ecomagination and healthymagination initiatives. With research facilities in New York, Munich, Shanghai and Bangalore, GE’s innovation creation cycle is constantly moving 24 hours per day. The GE China Technology Center, located in Shanghai, conducts cutting-edge research resulting in world-class technology solutions.

Shanghai is the headquarters of GE in China, acting as the company’s R&D, sourcing and manufacturing center. GE is committed to developing its eco-friendly and health-minded technologies here for use in China and the rest of the world. With its deep roots in Shanghai, GE is proudly participating in EXPO 2010 Shanghai, the world’s largest world EXPO in history, as a founding partner of the USA Pavilion.

One hundred years ago, Thomas Edison famously said,“I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it.” In 2010, GE is continuing Edison’s legacy at Shanghai Expo by showcasing our most innovative ecomagination and healthymagination solutions.