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Wagyu steak with Jean Christophe Novelli

Today I am testing Wagyu beef from Hardy
we have this wonderful beautiful piece
of Wagyu beef which is in the promotion
on the 12th of June and you better hurry
up because it’s going to be a very
unique deal the pan is on the steak is
ready I’m looking at it and then put a
steak slowly and you can acknowledge the
smell which is progressively coming up
you want to acknowledge the flavors
you’re going to manage the widget you
want to understand how to define this
piece of it is that’s what you don’t
need salt you don’t need pork you don’t
need to tell nothing good quality and I
can see it is a superb piece of meat now
what I’m doing now instead of keeping it
too long on one side I want to try to
balance both sides slowly therefore what
we are being inside a bit of the steak
or the cut of meat the heat is coming
slowly progressively in the middle you
can always use a little bit of garlic
at the last minute fresh herbs a little
bit of water first and then in a pan and
you can smell the whole mighty flavor of
the garlic the hosts marry the time
it’s time to test now this beautiful
quality of the toenails the colors to
smell everything is there as a package
before Bon Appetit thank you oh is that
cutting butter

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