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Hyundai’s Future Electric Truck: Everything You Need to Know

grille of hyundai ioniq 7 conceptHyundai

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The 2026 Hyundai Electric Truck: Everything You Need to Know

Hyundai just filed trademark applications that suggest the truck could arrive very soon.

It’s safe to say Hyundai has not been a massive player in the American pickup truck market. Its lone pickup is the compact, unibody Santa Cruz — and Hyundai has been eager to market it as a “sport activity vehicle” that happens to have an open bed, rather than as a truck. However, new reports suggest Hyundai plans to become more actively involved in the American truck market in the EV era.

Here’s what we know about Hyundai’s electric truck plans so far.

Hyundai has mentioned it could build an electric pickup

Hyundai has a new IMA platform coming to supplant the current E-GMP EV platform. When introducing the new platform, Hyundai noted it could “encompass nearly all vehicle classes” and specifically referenced pickup trucks. That alone is no guarantee Hyundai will build an EV pickup, but it would be weird to mention that if the brand were not considering it.

And we know Kia is working on an EV pickup

Kia unveiled its EV roadmap in 2022 and explicitly mentioned building two new trucks including a “dedicated electric pickup truck” that will be launched in America. That truck will likely share a platform with Hyundai’s eventual truck.

Hyundai has filed trademark applications for what appears to be two trucks

The Australian site Drive found Australian trademark applications from Hyundai for an Ioniq T10 and Ioniq T7 as vehicle names. T likely refers to “truck.” And as with the Ioniq cars, the numbers likely refer to relative size/positioning in the market.

That could suggest a larger flagship pickup and perhaps a smaller midsize or Santa Cruz-like pickup. We don’t know what Hyundai’s plans are yet for either truck in the American market.

hyundai ioniq 5 front end
Hyundai should adopt some cues from the Ioniq 5’s parametric pixel design language for its electric truck lineup.

What will Hyundai’s electric truck look like?

We don’t know yet. We’d expect Hyundai to carry over its parametric pixel design language from the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 into the truck space. We may get more of a preview of what that looks like when the Ioniq 7 crossover emerges.

When will Hyundai’s electric truck be revealed?

Hyundai has not confirmed a timeline for an electric truck. Automotive News projects Hyundai’s EV truck to arrive in late 2026. That would be after Hyundai’s massive EV plant in Georgia opens in 2025; Hyundai would likely need to build the truck there to avoid the Chicken tax tariff in the U.S.


Hyundai Electric Truck

Hyundai should launch a new Ioniq pickup truck for America based on its new IMA EV platform. Expect some design cues from vehicles like the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6.


Arrival Date 2026 (estimated)
Powertrain EV
Body Style Pickup


  • Should have awesome charging tech from Hyundai’s new platform


  • American truck market is tough to crack for new manufacturers

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