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IAAD. atTRAACTION 15×30: Transportation Design Course – Early Bird 15%


To all foreign students (living abroad) who dream of studying Transportation Design in Italy, IAAD. dedicates the promo atTRAACTION 15×30, which provides a 15% Early Bird discount on tuition fees. The promo is valid for the first 30 students who enroll by Feb. 29, 2024.

IAAD. atTRAACTION 15x30 Multimedia lab Car Rendering

Promo Early Bird:
15% off on the tuition fee for the Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation Design!

Learn more on IAAD.’s website!

IAAD. – Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design for over 45 years has been a landmark in design education and training in Italy and Europe. With a community that celebrates individuality and respect for differences, IAAD. puts students at the center of the educational experience, combining cultural and practical approaches.

IAAD. Turin Headquarters

IAAD.’s Turin Headquarters

The training is distinguished by a unique approach, culminating in individual projects and Class Theses.

This allows for the creation of a portfolio that not only reflects skills, but also serves as a business card for entry into the professional world.

IAAD. Student in the study room sketching

A milestone to an exciting career in Transportation Design.

IAAD.’s Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation Design addresses the phenomena that are transforming the automotive industry, such as autonomous systems, renewable energy, circular economy and human-machine integration. The goal is to train passionate, future-focused designers capable of developing creative solutions and seizing the opportunities of a rapidly changing industry.

IAAD. IAAD. multimedia lab Lenovo Workstation and Wacom Cintiq 22

IAAD. multimedia lab, Lenovo Workstation and Wacom Cintiq 22

The Transportation Designer, through creativity, stylistic and design skills, along with knowledge of ergonomics, materials technology, marketing and communication, can develop multidisciplinary projects for sustainable mobility, personal transportation and advanced design for future scenarios.

IAAD. IAAD. student sketching a car

In the curriculum, great emphasis is placed on artistic fundamentals, manual and digital drawing and sketching, graphic design and 3D modeling. Students acquire artistic and technical skills, developing a strategic mindset to operate in a diverse industry, not only with automakers but also with start-ups and public transportation companies.

Why Study in Turin with IAAD.?

Turin is the undisputed center of automotive design, with a rich history of innovation and style. From the great Italian production of Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, the design of Giugiaro, Pininfarina and Bertone, the automotive innovation of the Fiat Research Center, the robotic technologies of DEA, Comau and Rambaudi, the innovation of Oxygen (alternative electric mobility), the city breathes creativity and excellence in the field.

IAAD. Rendering of a project created by a student of the Transportation Design course

Rendering of a project created by a student of the Transportation Design course

With its privileged location, IAAD. offers its students a unique environment to learn and collaborate with the best minds in the field. With a department joined by prestigious partner companies, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience for a successful career in Transportation Design.

Don’t give up on your future and live the Made in Italy experience, come discover your potential in the world of Transportation Design with IAAD. and turn your passion into a successful career.

  • Apply now and seize the opportunity to become the next great designer in the field of mobility!
  • Book a meeting with our Guidance Office if you need any further information!

(Image Courtesy: IAAD. for Car Body Design)


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