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Ignatious Joseph



BY Jeff Marinelli

There is a class of clothiers that are world-renowned for their distinctive and impeccable designs. Ignatious Joseph is recognized among the ranks of this elite group of style connoisseurs. For the past 13 years, the Ign. Joseph brand has been creating one line of custom-made men’s shirts, women’s blouses and accessories for a clientele that has a true appreciation for the elegant experience of wearing fine clothing.

After a distinguished career in the international hotel business, Joseph’s ambition culminated in his dream of producing apparel that blended the finest features of the European shirt tradition. This is apparent in the quality of each piece made, the grace of his design reflected in every detail.

Pieces are crafted by Italian artisans gifted with the talent of shirtmaking, their tailoring skills handed down through generations. They produce such distinctive features as the hand-sewn collars, non-fused collars, and opulent buttons. The quality of the all-natural fabrics and finest Egyptian cotton selected ensures that each shirt is both comfortable and effortlessly fits the movement of the wearer.

“The challenge was to translate this tradition into creating a shirt that was also well-suited with
a young, dynamic and mobile clientele,” stated Joseph. “It was a very conscious decision to keep design and production close to the centers of the craft. My shirts are an expression of my experience, passion for elegance and my ongoing personal commitment to only the highest in quality craftsmanship.”

This is a company that designs for businessmen and members of classical professions, with the understanding that life is mobile and people require clothing that will bear the demands of daily life. The result is made possible by manufacturing shirts from “whole cloth” — a seamless fabric conceived, produced and marketed within Europe’s centuries-old tradition of fine clothing with unmistakable, yet understated, character.

Joseph built up his brand by going door to door, as did some of the most eminent Italian producers. He is a classic exemplar who showcases what determination, innovation and vision can accomplish. For a man whose self-professed calling card is his flamboyant style — all the way down to his signature red shoes — it is apparent that beauty emanates from every aspect of Joseph’s life and his ultimate success.






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