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“I got into this and immediately was inspired,” says this former ornamental horticulture major.“I’m inspired by beauty.”

Block’s plant knowledge is vast and he has schooled himself in all aspects of flora and foliage.The artist with a green thumb constantly seeks specimens of the most unusual varieties; his design approach is to create plantings that look as though they had been planted long ago.

In addition to his infatuation with plants, Block has a love affair with beautiful and unique containers: ancient, modern and one-of-a-kind receptacles that, when planted with the right vegetation, become something more. “The perfect plant or plants placed lovingly into the perfect container located in the perfect setting becomes an entity in and of itself…a piece of art unlike any other,” explains Block.

For Block, landscaping is a true art. “All creativity is about problem solving…The challenge about a landscape is that it is organic and dynamic; you need to be able to visualize that landscape 20 or 50 years from now.” 


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