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Jorge Pensi



While the designer’s PLUSMODO line of kitchen architec- tural elements has been lauded for its innovative, hinge-free drawer system, it’s his multimedia approach to kitchen design that’s really been turning heads. The visual-artist-turned-music- maestro has composed and performed three songs designed specifically to enhance the atmosphere of a PLUSMODO kitchen.

What is created is an intimate twenty-first century kitchen experience. “The intention of the PLUSMODO music is to describe the life we are living: some moments to talk and communicate in the kitchen, at breakfast, after a long day at work and finally back at home, relaxed in the evening over a candlelit dinner—this music is the perfect accompaniment,” Pensi smiles.

Aesthetically, the horizontal lines of Pensi’s countertops punctuate the kitchen with a refined, modern flare and glass drawers provide elegant storage and display all at once. Now that’s one sleek and snazzy package. 


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