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Taking center stage in designer Jonathan Barnett’s ultra-sleek, black-and-gray-toned dining nook is a glorious burnt amber chandelier. The piece is one-of-a-kind, courtesy of Barnett’s favorite purveyor of fine Venetian glass, and one that’s right in his own backyard, La Murrina of Los Angeles.

Glasswork from the island of Murano is quintessential Old World style, the Venetian Republic having banished local glassmakers to the nearby island in the 13th century for fear of fire. La Murrina co-founders Renato Matarangolo and Elizabeth Lawrence respect the long history of this style of glassmaking, but they also want their American clientele to see that it’s a living, breathing tradition that is constantly evolving and perfectly at home in more modern settings.

Barnett is drawn to the way La Murrina’s light fixtures warm an environment with their elegant shapes and vivid colors. When lit, the colors reveal hidden depth and variation.  For these reasons, Barnett has loved Murano glass since his childhood, when his parents would bring items back to his native South Africa after trips to Europe. His clients find their beauty equally mesmerizing; Barnett recently finished an installation in Brentwood that included nearly a dozen La Murrina chandeliers.


Murano Designer Lighting Inc.

8925 Beverly Boulevard • Los Angeles, California

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Jonathan Barnett Design Studio

6030 Wilshire Boulevard #100
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