Loftique Hotels

[caption id="attachment_1727" align="alignnone" width="577"] Rendering of Loftique hotel. Images courtesy of Addis English and Associates. [/caption]

Designed by Addis English and Associates

Natalie Addis, successful co-founder of Addis English and Associates and winner of both Hospitality Design magazine’s “Wave of the Future 2007” and Boutique Design magazine’s “Boutique Design 18 2008,” is turning heads around the world with her cutting-edge work. Her latest project, Loftique hotels, encompassing 200 hotels in Europe, and Asia, is meant to be “the hotel of tomorrow” for business travelers, employing experimental design and the latest technology.

The term “loftique” comes from the combination of “loft” and “boutique hotel.” The mid-scale, four-star hotels will be especially designed for business travelers, with a special attention to women’s needs. At the heart of each hotel suite is an open, high-ceilinged loft, and the multi-level design of each suite features living and work areas on the first floor. A bedroom loft above separates guests’ work from their private lives.

“Designed to be a sustainable, chic boutique hotel, it really captures what the hotel of tomorrow will look and feel like,” says Addis. “In addition to a chic, high-end contemporary design, we incorporated many elements like a self-service check-in kiosk, and all the technologies in the lobby and the suites are very forward-thinking.” Additionally, all the furnishings and fabrics are sustainable and 100% custom.

“We were drawn by the idea of incorporating the five senses so that when the guests come into the space, they’re fully excited by their sensations,” explains Addis.