[caption id="attachment_2066" align="alignnone" width="577"] A rug from Mansour’s distinguished collection. Image courtesy of Mansour[/caption]

If Ben Soleimani is having a bad day, all it takes to lift his spirits is to gaze at a really beautiful antique carpet. “They talk to you; they have their own life,” he says. The owner of Mansour rugs in Los Angeles has been listening to these alluring tapestries since he was a child. “When I was eight years old, I could look at a carpet and tell you what it was, where it came from and how old it was.”

As a fourth-generation rug dealer, there is no denying it’s in Soleimani’s blood.  According to him, he holds the largest collection of antique tapestries in the world—about 10,000 rugs. Soleimani is only interested in the best specimens of European, Oriental, Persian, or deco carpets.

With knowledge that can fairly be described as encyclopedic, Soleimani is generous with his time and expertise, and believes in being open and available to his clients.  But when he’s not sharing his passion with others, he’s busy living up to his reputation as a top collector who never forgets a rug. Soleimani has bought and sold the same rug multiple times and has even purchased a few he remembers his father having sold years ago. “If a carpet is good, I’ll buy it,” Soleimani says. “No matter what.”



8600 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90069