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Meta's Facebook Gaming app will end in October


Beginning on October 28, the Gaming app for Facebook will be phased out. Facebook’s parent company Meta released a statement saying that the long-running app will stop being available on iOS and Android, and will soon cease functionality after that date.

Facebook Gaming was used as a hub for players to interact, allow content creators to form fan groups, and interact with the social media pages of various games. It launched in 2020, and as an intended rival to Twitch and YouTube, signed content creators into exclusivity deals. This practice would later be adopted by both Twitch and YouTube.   

“We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything that you’ve done to build a thriving community for gamers and fans since this app first launched,” reads the statement. “This was truly a community-led effort to bring new gaming features to Facebook.”

Though the Gaming app is disappearing, several of its features such as forming groups and following games and content creators, will be rolled into the Gaming section of the Facebook app. “Despite this news, our mission to connect players, fans and creators with the games they love hasn’t changed.” 

A brief history of Meta’s history with games

Prior to Facebook Gaming, the company attempted to help burgeoning content creators get off the ground. One program allowed content creators to receive money from fans similar to Twitch donations, and another let those creators form their own communities.

However, this wasn’t without its hiccups. Apple rejected the app for release on its iOS store numerous times, on the basis that a dedicated Facebook Gaming app was breaking its guidelines. 

It’s worth noting that Facebook Gaming’s vice president was one Vivek Sharma, who departed Meta over the weekend. Sharma would later go on to lead the development team that created Horizon Worlds, a virtual reality social space. Virtual reality has become a big focus point for Meta, and serves as its primary video game output. 


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