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Several years ago, Tana had the good fortune of meeting Fabio Micucci through some mutual friends. He told her to come by his showroom, and she immediately fell in love. Tana doesn’t hold back when praising Micucci. “Inspiring pieces,” “gorgeous textures,” and “integrity of craftsmanship” are just a few of the phrases Tana uses to describe Micucci’s carefully selected pieces.

Tana clearly appreciates their design potential. A piece can be a focal point that “crowns the moment” with color and shape, yet it can still be functional. “It’s a wonderful marriage of the everyday and transcendent beauty,” she says.  But ultimately that’s not what keeps her coming back to Micucci again and again. “None of my clients has ever not responded to his items on a personal level,” Tana asserts.

Micucci elicits excitement—even elation—in her clients, who admire the beauty and quality to such an extent that they know it is something they will love forever and pass on to their children. And that, says Tana, “makes my job a joy.”


Micucci Collection • Pacific Design Center

8687 Melrose Avenue B 209 • Los Angeles, California

310.360.7323 •