Montblanc Foundation

[caption id="attachment_2007" align="alignnone" width="577"] Lutz Bethge, Montblanc International CEO, Lang Lang, and Jan-Patrick Schmitz, president and CEO of Montblanc North America. Photograph By John Sciulli ©Berliner Studio/BEImages All Rights Reserved.[/caption]

“I am deeply impressed by Montblanc’s sincere and exceptionally strong global commitment to culture,” says classical pianist Lang Lang, Montblanc Foundation’s culture chairman and brand ambassador. “It has always been my dream to spark an interest in classical music in even more people, particularly more young people, and I am delighted at the opportunities this collaboration presents.” Lang Lang is an exemplary ambassador for Montblanc. The now-brilliant pianist grew up under difficult circumstances in China, experiencing hardships while striving to develop his skills.

Montblanc supports several programs throughout the world, working with young people in various artistic endeavors, explains Jan Patrick Schmitz, president and CEO of Montblanc North America. “The arts and culture are among the most fundamental aspects of life,” he emphasizes. “They touch our hearts and our emotions.”

Schmitz is also head of Foundation d’Enterprise Montblanc de la Culture (Montblanc Foundation), a major arts supporter engaging in numerous outreach projects. The foundation’s programs include The Power to Write program, working with UNICEF to fight global illiteracy; Young Artist World Patronage, supporting visual artists; and the International Young Directors Project, promoting emerging artists and companies. Montblanc also supports the Nelson Mandela Foundation, working to combat AIDS through the sale of platinum, gold and silver bangles made by craftsmen affected by HIV.