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Neck Deep Embrace the Doom With Pit-Starting Song ‘STFU’


Simply put, the headlines everywhere just seem to be getting worse. The world has a wealth of problems, but rather than crawl up into a ball in the fetal position, the members of Neck Deep have done what they do best – address the suck with a sardonic take and furiously fresh pit-starting riffs on the new song “STFU.”

The track serves as their first new music in two years, following the 2020 All Distortions Are Intentional album. While a new album hasn’t been announced quite yet, this does serve as the group’s first self-released music since their original demos … and there’s a bit of that energy from that period too.

The band reunited with Andrew Wade to work on the song, with the group calling “STFU” a “return to our roots, and a return to what we do best.”

Singer Ben Barlow further elaborated on the track, stating, “As the world was falling apart at the time, and only seems to have worsened recently, it felt right to satirize the decline of society in typical punk fashion. Looking at the world through a screen and being lured into the impending sense of doom that’s overcome us all.”

Keeping their finger on the pulse of modern times, the track includes references to former President Trump, NFTs, livestreams and social media outrage.

The song comes accompanied with a Max Moore-directed video, although one that didn’t come without its challenges. As Barlow explains, “What should have been a three-hour flight to Louisville ended up as “a three cancelled flights, eight hours in an airport, a $5000 taxi, a magical stray dog with a taste for gas station hot dogs and a twelve hour drive.” He adds, “Don’t ever say we haven’t busted our asses for this! And don’t tell me I look tired in the video!”

Check out the song’s lyrics and video below.

Neck Deep, “STFU” Lyrics

On the next episode of living with the Trumps

We find that Boris took a dump on public funds to hand out to his chums

And if things don’t quite work out for me

I can sell myself as an NFT

Think I’m gonna livestream my lobotomy

Should get 20 likes at least

25 years in a rut

25 years floating on a rock

Wishing it would stop

I think I had an idea once

But I think that I forgot

Maybe I should just shut the fuck up

And go along with it

Another episode of how to start a fight

That’s when you’re wrong just claim you’re right because you spent all night online again

Another victim of the times

Too blind to read between the lines

Too high to notice where you’re going half the time

Oh yeah

25 years in a rut

25 years floating on a rock

Wishing it would stop

I think I had an idea once

But I think that I forgot

Maybe I should just shut the fuck up

25 years in a rut

Never been enough

Didn’t make the cut

Couldn’t give a fuck

I think I got an idea! What?

Shut the fuck up, man

Shut the fuck up

And go along with it

Oh why is everybody so addicted to the drama?

Would it take a tidal wave of change to exercise some karma on these crooked motherfuckers?

All they do is make it harder

And if I’m being honest

I can’t be bothered

All the self gratification’s more like public masturbation

Swear to god you’d cut your face off for an ounce of validation

So here’s one while you’re waiting for your next notification

Some useful information

Shut the fuck up

Neck Deep, “STFU”

Neck Deep

Neck Deep


If you like what you heard, Neck Deep’s “STFU” is currently available via multiple platforms here.

Also, it’s quite possible you might hear the song turning up in the group’s live sets. After a May 31 show at Red Rocks in Colorado, the band will return to the U.K. for Slam Dunk Festival appearance in Leeds and Hatfield on June 3 and 4, followed by a European tour leg. Then it’s back stateside in July for the Sad Summer Fest tour with Mayday Parade, Waterparks, State Champs and Hot Mulligan among others. Plus there are shows with blackbear and an appearance at the When We Were Young Festival. Check out all their dates and get ticketing info here.

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