Netflix Games expands with two new mobile exclusives


The growing Netflix Games catalog is getting even bigger with the addition of two new mobile exclusives.

The streaming company will add Before Your Eyes and Mahjong Solitaire to its Netflix Games catalog tomorrow, marking the first time either title has appeared on mobile platforms.

Developed by Subset Games and published by Skybound Games, Before Your Eyes is a pretty notable addition given its BAFTA-winning credentials. The first-person driven narrative adventure lets players immerse themselves in a world of memories as they embark on a journey to the afterlife.

Mahjong Solitaire, meanwhile, is another riff on the classic tile-matching puzzler that attempts to freshen things up with customizable themes and backgrounds including one inspired by Netflix’s own mega-franchise, Stranger Things.

The addition of those two titles comes just a week after Into The Breach was added to the Netflix Games roster.

Commenting on the news, Netflix said it wants to curate a lineup of games that will appeal to “hard-core gamers, casual gamers, and everyone in between.”

“With these three new additions our catalog is at 26 games and we’re looking to double that to ~50 games by the end of the year,” added the company in a press release. “With our mobile game offering expanding monthly, we’re hoping that we can offer a gaming experience that is differentiated from what is available today — exclusive mobile games with no ads, no in-app payments, included with a Netflix membership.”

Netflix Games launched in November 2021 and is expanding at a steady pace. The platform arrived with just five titles, but as Netflix noted now offers access to 26 games.

The company has also been hard at work developing its own game projects, and earlier this year announced plans to create titles based on popular shows such as The Queen’s Gambit. It has also tapped notable indies to create Netflix Games exclusives, including a cute bounce-em-up called Poinpy from Downwell developer Ojiro Fumoto.

Netflix hasn’t been shy when it comes to M&As, either. In the past 12 months the company has signed off on three hefty acquisitions including deals for Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School Studio, and Next Games.