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Nobu Matsuhisa – Los Angeles


Just up the street from his flagship establishment, Matsuhisa, Nobu LA takes the dining public in a new direction by spicing up the scenery, and the same commitment to fantastic Japanese fusion cuisine for which Nobu is renowned drives this powerhouse of a restaurant. However, it’s the opulence of the endeavor, and the new, “young” and fresh vibe that has heads turning.

As a pioneer of the “sushi movement” across the globe, Matsuhisa has built one of the most successful restaurant empires around innovative flavors that draw from classic Japanese techniques and distinctive South American influences he picked up while living in Peru. His passion for the freshest of ingredients and his artistic ability to craft extraordinarily beautiful and simplistic plates is inspirational. The attention to detail on every plate—made clear through the use of garnishes and beautiful ingredients that complement the food in color, texture, and flavor—is impeccable. Black Cyprus sea salt adorning thinly sliced whitefish sashimi creates a stark visual contrast on the plate, while the sweet mineral characteristics of the bold salt meld with the smooth opulence of perfectly sliced fish to create a wonderful marriage of these two distinct ingredients.

While communicating his “kokoro,” or heart, in every dish that he creates, Matsuhisa leads diners down a new path of flavor profiles and textures that allude to his passion for groundbreaking cuisine. In doing so, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has set the bar for chefs and culinary enthusiasts around the world.


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