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Nolan Gerard Funk Discusses Neckwear at Delvaux Party


TIE SCORE: Nolan Gerard Funk dons some expensive designer suits — Dior, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana — for his role in the upcoming Netflix series “Partner Track,” about the interpersonal dynamics at a New York law firm. Neckties galore, too.

“It was funny because we were shooting in an actual office building, at a real law firm, on the 49th and 51st floors…and there would be people going back to work in the elevator. And they would always look at us and be like, ‘You’re in the show because we don’t wear ties anymore,’” the Canadian actor related with a chuckle.

Funk, who recently appeared in “Flight Attendant,” was among VIPs mingling in Palais-Royal, where Delvaux had set up an idyllic garden party outside its original Paris boutique. Fans were handed out, but a breeze kept revelers cool as they sipped martinis and rosé wine mixed with strawberry puree.

Dressed in a white linen jacket, Delvaux chief executive officer Jean-Marc Loubier greeted the likes of deejay Laura de Greef, creative director Fredrik Robertsson and French actress Gaïa Weiss, who recently appeared in a Delvaux campaign spotlighting its summery Canvas Story bags and totes.

Belgian musician Sylvie Kreusch capped off the evening with a performance.


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