Okamura Introduces Phlox


Okamura has unveiled Phlox, designed by Rainlight in the UK. Phlox was named after the unique Night Phlox flower and inspired by a close-up view into our natural world, welcoming its gentle influence and naturally curved arcs. The Phlox collection of seating and tables promotes comfort and a serene feel for work and collaboration, wherever that may be.

The beautifully designed seating is offered as conference, lounge & high stools, each with different forms and multiple base options. The upholstery fabric, which was newly developed for Phlox, is made from salvaged fishnets from Japan’s sea, then knit together with recycled PET yarns to create a deeply shaded and sustainable textile.

Okamura Phlox
Okamura Phlox

The tables, alike, are available in a large array of shapes, sizes and heights, including the traditional round, square, and rectangle as well as gently curved trapezoid and pentagon shapes, all with rounded corners. The tops are offered in veneer, laminate, and furniture linoleum. Furniture Linoleum is a unique surfacing material that has a matte look, feels warm to the hand, and is made from natural materials making it carbon neutral. The table’s iconic wooden legs come in four colors.

Okamura Phlox