Restoration of Perugia Cathedral Completed Thanks to Brunello Cucinelli


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: The facades of the San Lorenzo Cathedral in Perugia, in Italy’s central Umbria region, have been restored thanks to contribution of the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation.

“I have always liked to think that by preserving our monuments we somehow preserve ourselves and lay the foundations of our future,” said Brunello Cucinelli. “Today we are inaugurating the restoration of a famous monument, which is not only a religious symbol for the people of Perugia and for Italy as a whole. I learnt from my family, and from the countryside, that every good deed is like a seed that never fails to bear good fruit. This is why I wish everyone that the example of this good work will trigger virtuous imitation on the large as well as the small scale, public and private, because, as my esteemed Greeks used to say, if you keep your doorstep clean and tidy, your city will follow. I am convinced that this is what our august Perugia and our Umbrian motherland deserve”.

The project was first revealed in July last year. The foundation collaborated with Plenitude, a company controlled by Eni that integrates production from renewables, the sale of gas and electricity, energy services and an extensive network of charging points for electric vehicles.

The restoration, which took advantage of the national tax bonuses for the renovation of buildings established by the 2020 Finance Act, focused on the front and side facades, as well as the external stairs and a bronze sculpture dedicated to Pope Giulio III.

In addition, the stone parts were be cleaned and concrete inserts were switched with more appropriate materials to enhance the artistic and historic value of the monument, which was built in the heart of Perugia between the 14th and 15th centuries. The Carrara marble pulpit, the bell tower and the Jubilee portal were only some of the storied elements restored.

Previously, along with the Solomeo medieval hamlet, home to the brand’s headquarters and a 20-minute drive from Perugia, Cucinelli financed the restoration of the Etruscan Arch and the Morlacchi Theater in Perugia, as well as the Civic Tower in Norcia.