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Road to Nowhere at Spread, Heads & Dead 08.07.22


Road to Nowhere at Spread, Heads & Dead 08.07.22

The recent  show at Terra Fermata Tiki Bar in Stuart, Florida, was Spread, Heads & Dead: A Celebration of The Days Between, featuring Souljam covering Widespread Panic, Unlimited Devotion channeling The Grateful Dead, Victoria Cardona with her brilliant looping, and Road to Nowhere, recreating the music of Talking Heads.

Road to Nowhere, one of the South’s premier Talking Heads tribute bands, features the musicians from Row Jomah — Joe Roma, acoustic guitar, vocals; Melbourne Walsh, electric guitar; Austin Llewellyn, keyboards, synths; and Dylan Chee-A-Tow, drums — plus Vinny Svoboda (Anthill Cinema), bass; Robyn Alleman Pack (Holey Miss Moley), vocals, style director; Dave Gerulat (shoeless soul, CopE), percussion, vocals; and Michael Lyn Bryant (Follow the Monarch, Zero Context, Skallop, S.P.O.R.E.), synths.

Amazing archivist Volke Mon and able-bodied assistant Peace Patti were on hand to video all of the day’s activities, and we are pleased to share their video of the Road to Nowhere show. The band’s next show is in Tampa as part of the lineup for Freakin’ Dreamin’ Groovefest at Skipper’s Smokehouse August 27.

[ROAD TO NOWHERE: Burning Down the House, Girlfriend is Better, Psycho Killer, Born Under Punches, Wild Wild Life, Take Me to the River, Life During Wartime, Once in a Lifetime > Nothing But Flowers, Making Flippy Floppy, And She Was, Road to Nowhere, This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody), Crosseyed & Painless, Slippery People]


0:00:00  intro

0:01:06  Burning Down the House

0:07:23  Girlfriend is Better

0:14:54  Psycho Killer

0:21:10  Born Under Punches

0:28:55  Wild Wild Life

0:32:45  Take Me to the River

0:39:29  Life During Wartime

0:46:24  Once in a Lifetime >

0:52:29  Nothing But Flowers

1:00:42  Making Flippy Floppy

1:07:20  And She Was

1:11:52  Road to Nowhere

1:17:25  This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

1:23:52  Crosseyed & Painless

1:31:35  Slippery People

1:41:29  end



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