Robin Baron

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New York designer Robin Baron doesn’t maintain any libraries. Not for fabrics, colors, plans—nothing. “It makes both me and my staff lazy,” Baron says. A successful designer designs for the client, and no two are alike. “If I could tell a prospective client what to do with a space, it would be something I had done before.” And then, of course, it wouldn’t be about the client.

Baron likens the process of working with a client to interpreting and then translating a language.  She takes her clients shopping and observes how they respond to things, and it’s often on a very visceral level. For private homes, Baron wants above all for her client to feel “cocooned-in” and safe, whether the look is traditional and ornate or modern and sparse. Making a house feel like a sanctuary, she says, is a much more profound purpose than making a house beautiful.

Loathe to be defined by any one look, Baron opens herself up to inspiration in all ways and in all places; from the angle in a piece of architecture to a pocketbook to a color used in a print ad. She says she is even inspired by her clients, whose influence makes her see familiar things in new ways. 


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