Ron Burkhardt

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Ron Burkhardt is a conceptual artist and founder of the “Notism” contemporary art movement, which he describes as “exalting words and letterforms, the inevitable loss of personal human histories, and our urgent attempt to preserve rapidly blurring memories through intimate, hand-written notes.”

Notism has given Burkhardt’s work and name a unique cachet in the art world, through his use of oils, mixed media and “distressed-paper” collages as a metaphor for the beauty to be found in various states of human distress. Born and raised in Michigan, the now bicoastal Burkhardt was a major creative force on Madison Avenue before turning to conceptual art full-time.

Burkhardt believes his abstract art was born out of experiencing attention deficit disorder as a child. “I think my work has such unusual range because I’m so easily distracted. I always have several paintings going at once,” he reveals.

Burkhardt likes to use what he calls “explosive, high-voltage colors and gestural scrawls” in his work, which also reflect his rapidly shifting state of mind. “It’s the blessing and the curse of being an artist with ADD, I suppose,” he says with a laugh.

And Burkhardt’s penchant for art may have even deeper roots—roots undiscovered until later on in his career. “I found out later that my great-great grandparents were both artists,” the artist says. “One was a poet and the other an early expressionist painter in the mid-19th century—very raw, radical stuff, so it’s always been in the DNA, you could say.”


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