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Santa Monica Studio confirms God of War Ragnarok will launch this year


The conversation surrounding whether of not God of War Ragnarok would launch in 2022 had become rather prickly of late, but we now have confirmation that Sony Santa Monica’s anticipated sequel will arrive on November 9.

It’s notable news given the recent spate of high-profile production delays that have left a hole in the industry release calendar, with projects including Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice, Starfield, Redfall, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel all being delayed beyond 2022.

God of War Ragnarok, a follow-up to the 2018 soft-reboot God of War that saw Kratos start squabbling with the Norse pantheon, was slated to launch in 2021 before eventually being delayed to let Sony Santa Monica add polish while ensuring the wellbeing of its dev team.

More recently, there had been some rumblings that the title was about to be knocked back until 2023, although many of those rumors were swiftly debunked.

Santa Monica Studio debuted a shiny new CG trailer to commemorate the announcement and also confirmed that God of War Ragnarok will be launching on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.