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Stormzy says split with Maya Jama showed him he was ‘just a boy’

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Stormzy has admitted that his breakup with TV presenter Maya Jama made him realise he was still “just a boy”.

The “Cold” rapper opened up about his relationship breakdown with the Love Island presenter, crediting her for opening his eyes about aspects of his behaviour he needed to change.

In a candid interview with GQ, the South London star spoke about the pain of heartbreak.

“I’d never experienced a breakup and the feelings that come with a breakup,” he began.

“And I never wanted to ever be in a position again where I felt what I was feeling.

“Because it showed me that I was a boy. And I do not want to go any further as a boy.

“I’ve seen how that manifests in other people. And I don’t want to be like that,” he said.

The pair dated between 2015 and 2019, becoming “relationship goals” for many followers of the Brit Award-winning artist.

Jama appeared in music videos for the star including “Birthday Girl” and “Big For Your Boots”.

And it’s not the first time that the star has reflected on mistakes made as a younger man.

Stormzy and Maya Jama in October 2017

(Getty Images)

In the new series of Louis Theroux Interviews, Stormzy spoke of mistakes he had made in the relationship.

“My break-up, that was probably the biggest catalyst for growth as a man.

“It was like, OK, you made a mistake and you lose someone you loved, someone you cared for, someone who is special to you.

“That’s probably the biggest loss a man can have, isn’t it? Away from someone passing away, that’s the biggest loss you can have.”

He continued: “The whole f***ing palaver that surrounded that situation, do you know what I mean? There were other things in terms of mistakes I’d made.

“I didn’t do what a man should do to fully appreciate love, and care for his woman.”

The rapper also touched upon emotional maturity in his GQ interview and of growing up in London.

“I realised, especially growing up in South London in the environment I grew up in, there’s never going to be a time anyone encourages man to go deal with his feelings.

“That’s a very adult thing to think, I’m gonna go deal with my life and my character with who I am and who I want to grow to be.

“There is power in vulnerability,” he said.