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Tactical multiplayer shooter Squad has crossed 3 million sales


Offworld Industries’ 50v50 multiplayer first-person shooter Squad has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Squad made its early access debut in December 2015 before officially launching on Steam on September 23, 2020.

The project was pitched as a spiritual successor to Project Reality, a series of a Battlefield 2 mods that aims to turn the FPS into a more realistic shooter where success depended heavily on teamwork and coordination.

In addition to the latest sales milestone, Squad recently amassed a record 26,104 concurrent players and 192,000 daily players.

Offworld Industries CEO Vlad Ceraldi described the achievement as “massive” and said the studio will continue to throw its weight behind the title.

“Offworld is now a team of over one hundred developers, designers, artists, project managers, and other team members, a feat we can largely attribute to the success of Squad,” commented Ceraldi.

“This isn’t the end of Squad’s journey, we’re still just getting started — we’re continuing to create new content and experiences that I can’t wait for us to share in the future.”


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