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Tamadoge Nears $11.5 Million – How to Benefit Before Price Rises from $0.0250 to $0.0275

Source: Tamadoge

The hype around meme coin sensation Tamadoge has reached a fever pitch, as nearly $11.5 million has been raised for the project in a matter of weeks.

Just over 70% of the presale’s allocation has been sold, meaning prospective investors have a limited time to acquire tokens at a discounted price ahead of the planned LBank and Uniswap listings.

At the time of writing, investors can still buy TAMA for just $0.0250 per token – although the price will rise by 10% to $0.0275 once the current tranche of 100 million tokens has been depleted.

The Tamadoge Presale – Record-Breaking Capital Raise

Through the Tamadoge presale, early investors can acquire TAMA tokens using Tether (USDT). The ecosystem will have a total supply of two billion tokens, although one billion are reserved for presale investors.

Tamadoge’s team opted to begin the capital raising process by offering an exclusive ‘Beta sale’ phase, which saw the entire 200 million token allocation be snagged by eager investors in under three weeks.

Source: Tamadoge

Following the conclusion of the Beta sale, Tamadoge’s team sanctioned a tranche-based presale phase. Each ‘tranche’ contains 100 million TAMA tokens at a set price; once the tranche’s allocation sells out, the quoted token price will rise by $0.0025.

This structure has made Tamadoge one of the most sought-after altcoins of 2022 since investors are incentivized to acquire tokens as early as possible. Tamadoge is currently in the seventh tranche of its presale phase, with only nine tranches being sanctioned before the entire allocation is exhausted.

Why is Tamadoge Generating So Much Hype?

With nearly $11.5 million in funding raised before the project has even been launched, many investors are eager to discover why Tamadoge is generating so much hype.

The main reason is that Tamadoge looks to combine exciting metaverse concepts with play-to-earn (P2E) gaming mechanisms – all with a meme coin aesthetic. This makes Tamadoge the first ‘hybrid meme coin’ to enter the market, offering valuable utility to token holders.

Tamadoge’s ecosystem will allow players to own NFTs called Tamadoge Pets, which can be trained and battled against other players’ pets. Through these battles, players can earn ‘Dogepoints’, which translate into rewards in the form of TAMA tokens.

Source: Tamadoge

This approach ensures Tamadoge is primed to benefit from the transition to a Web3 infrastructure, with users able to spend their TAMA tokens on in-game items or hold them as a way to benefit from the project’s growth.

Looking ahead, Tamadoge’s team has already hinted at an array of exciting plans, including a Pokemon GO-esque augmented-reality app and Tamadoge-themed arcade games.

Presale Allocation Selling Out – Is Now the Best Time to Buy TAMA?

Although Tamadoge is still in the presale phase, the development team has already announced that TAMA will be listed on leading crypto exchange LBank once the entire allocation has sold out.

This means investors are clamoring to buy TAMA tokens at the current price point since exchange listings are often a catalyst for exponential price increases due to increased accessibility and liquidity.

Given the remarkable success that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu experienced in 2021, many investors believe that Tamadoge’s addition of real-world use cases makes the project even more appealing from a long-term value perspective.

Source: Tamadoge

Those looking to invest through the Tamadoge presale can purchase tokens using ETH or USDT directly through Tamadoge’s website

Tamadoge’s team has streamlined the purchasing process by partnering with Transak to offer a FIAT-to-crypto payment gateway. This means prospective investors can purchase Ethereum (ETH) directly through the Tamadoge website using more than 28 payment methods.

These include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, with investors urged to buy at least $30 worth of ETH to cover the minimum TAMA purchase.

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