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The Best Moment at Suwannee Rising: The Piñatas


The Best Moment at Suwannee Rising: The Piñatas

Suwannee Rising back in April was a wonderful, magical weekend of music, family, friends, costumes, children, art, and more.Everyone who was there has a favorite memory or three. Here is mine.

Sunnie Rae Click, beastmaster, vocalist, and ukulele player for Free Range Strange, was working with a group called Wook Wranglers. They spent the weekend interviewing musicians, campers, Wooks, and the usual suspects and taking photos, giving the experience even more depth.

On Saturday, the chilliest of the three days (and it was very chilly for Florida), there were costumes galore. My favorite was the couple who wore matching piñata costumes. They were wonderful. Sunnie Rae interviewed them. Afterward, she and I had this conversation.

SCOTT: Did you interview them?


SCOTT: How was it?

SUNNIE RAE: Great! I hit them with a stick, but no candy came out!!!

SCOTT: Well, you didn’t hit them hard enough!

We both collapse laughing.

The Piñatas at Suwannee Rising. 📷: Sunnie Rae Click

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