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Therien & Co.


Because quality antiques are no longer entirely within the purview of the very elite, Therien must be ever more selective, employ ever more rigid criteria and seek rarer and rarer pieces in order to preserve its reputation for offering simply the best that the market can bear.

Two years ago, Therien broke with its pre-1830 restriction
and launched Therien20th, featuring fine examples of art deco
and modernism. This is familiar ground for Robert Garcia, whose formal design training focused almost exclusively on 20th-century Bauhaus artists.

Even after decades in the business, Garcia still experiences that frisson of excitement when he discovers something truly special.  “The best is when you find something serendipitously,” he says. As he explains, when he spies a hidden treasure, he has to force himself to “ratchet down the emotional response.”


Therien & Co.

716 North La Cienega Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90069





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