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TikTok Trials: Is the Dior transfer-proof lipstick really as good as Mikayla Nogueira says?


TikTok is no longer a new platform, whittling away our hours of lockdown learning the WAP and The Weekend’s Blinding Lights. Instead, it has transformed into a more useful (depending on who you ask) app, giving everything from beauty hacks to cleaning tips, and we’re obsessed.

But, before we all jump in with two feet ready to adopt whatever advice brands and influencers are ready to dish out, let’s take a second to remember there’s still fake news, paid ads and sometimes dangerous information being spread around. Leave it to us to do the groundwork for you, so you’re not left with a product that is less than impressive, or a hack that hinders rather than helps.

When it comes to beauty, there’s a growing number of TikTokers out there, from make-up artists to dermatologists, all sharing their knowledge – for which we are always grateful. But, when it comes to make-up, there are very few we trust more than Mikayla Nogueira, and a whopping 13.3million others seem to think the same.

So, when the make-up star recommends a product, we sit up and pay attention, because best believe she isn’t the easiest to please. Claiming the new Dior lipstick deserves the spot as her wedding lipstick is high praise, so we had to test it out for ourselves.

Available in an impressive 27 shades, with 16 hours of wear, absolutely no transfer (aka rubbing off onto any mugs, cups or any lucky person you kiss) and a weightless feel, these are bold claims coming from Dior, and we put them all to the test in true IndyBest style. Were we as impressed as Mikayala? Keep reading to find out.

How we tested

Transfer-proof lip products aren’t exactly new. But it’s usually liquid lipsticks and the odd lip liner that holds this title, while the creamier classic lipstick styles leave that well-known lipstick mark on mugs, glasses, napkins and cheeks or anything else that gets in the way of a puckered pout.

So, this release was pretty special and had every beauty-lover scratching their head, wondering how and if it actually works. Taking one for the team, we put it to the test to see if it was worth the hype. Forgoing the lip liner, in contrast to Mikayla, to see if the lipstick alone really could stand the test of time, hours of wear, ease of application and whether it is truly transfer-proof were all at the top of our tester’s list.

The method and products used

Mikayla does use a lip liner first, to give the lips a more defined area to colour in. But, to really focus on the lipstick’s credentials, we kicked that to the curb and dived straight in.

There’s an impressive 27 colours in the range, from cool corals to bold pinks and a great range of nude shades for a wide range of skin tones too. Following Mikayla, we opted for shade 100 ‘forever nude look’, a light pink nude with beige undertones (£35, and shade 525 ‘forever chérie’, a slightly darker pink (£35,, which were both beautiful.

But, where Mikayla states: “Dior says this is the first-ever transfer-proof lipstick,” deeper digging reveals that isn’t quite true. The luxury label actually states this is the ‘first transfer-proof Dior lipstick’, so it isn’t quite the first brand to get this product to the market, although we’ve been hard pushed to find another.

Sweeping it on, as you would a regular lipstick, the first thing to note is that these lipsticks are skinnier than usual models, taking on a bullet-style design. Which, interestingly, made for an easier and more precise application, with no annoying overspill onto the outer edges of the mouth, so we were off to a winning start.

The lipstick itself was intensely creamy, which for a supposedly transfer-proof product started to ring alarm bells for our tester. The formula includes peony flower extract and pomegranate flower extract, to make lips soft and supple while hydrating at the same time, which, for anyone who has tried a long-lasting liquid lipstick will know this doesn’t sound too much like the dry and chalky styles we’re used to. So, was it really going to stay put for 16 hours? We were highly doubtful.

The results

(Lauren Cunningham/ IndyBest)

Puckering up for a big smacker of a kiss within seconds of applying, all our concerns proved to be justified, as we were left with a bold lip stain on the back of our hand. We were all too ready to point fingers and claim this was, in-fact, an over-elaborated marketing ploy.

But, weren’t we the fools, as, after about three minutes, things started to drastically change. Suddenly, the creaminess started to fade and the lightweight lipstick turned quite tacky. Two minutes later and it was slightly dry but felt like nothing was on our lips at all, and, low and behold, it wasn’t budging for anything.

So, patience really is a virtue when it comes to getting this lipstick to really work – after five minutes, it seemed to have set. No matter what we ate, drank, kissed or even if we brushed our teeth, this lipstick didn’t transfer or fade. Trust us when we say we really put it through its paces.

Did it really keep up this impressive accolade for a full 16 hours? Not quite. Despite our vigarous testing, it still looked like it has been freshly applied for about three hours still . However, by four hours, we started to see the inner part of our lip peek through the colour and it slowly started to fade until we had to re-apply at around eight hours. But we don’t think anyone could be annoyed about that, as no glass, mug or fork had even the slightest hint of colour.

The verdict: Dior transfer-proof lipstick

So far, Mikayla Nogueira has never steered us wrong and, after this TikTok Trial, our unwavering trust in the make-up artist’s tips and tricks has reached a new height. Yes, we’re rather embarassed about doubting her and Dior’s claims, but it is our job to err on the side of caution when it comes to statements that are so bold.

While we can confirm this isn’t the world’s first non-transfer-proof lipstick – although we’re still in search of which product actually does hold this title – it was a first for us, Dior and Mikayala, and we imagine it will be a first for you too.

Despite coming with quite a hefty price tag, if you have the budget, this lipstick doesn’t disappoint – just take the 16 hours of wear with a pinch of salt. One slick every four hours seems to be the optimum time, and you’ll never have to worry about a lip-stained glass – or partner – ever again.

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