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Top 6 Web3 Games Lighting up the Ronin Blockchain


Web3-powered games are some of the most popular use cases that have come from blockchain technology. Not only have they been profitable, but they have also spurred the development of virtual reality ecosystems. With previous successes with games like Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, through its Ronin blockchain, has now further developed its impressive ecosystem.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the Ronin blockchain and its available games. Just how much has changed about Ronin? Let’s find out! 

The Upgraded Ronin Chain

At its peak, Axie Infinity was the most popular title in this new era of blockchain gaming, garnering an active user base and generating huge revenues for Sky Mavis. However, an exploit of its Ronin Chain, an overall market slowdown, and complaints about its economic-model led to a gradual loss of favor.

Now however, Sky Mavis’ gaming first Ronin Blockchain has begun to realise its true potential as the go-to network for Web3 gaming. To this end, the company has partnered with a slew of gaming studios to introduce new IPs into its ecosystem. These titles are expected to draw more users to the blockchain and inspire growth from within.  

1. The Machines Arena 

The Machines Arena is a shooting game launched by the Directive development studio. At inception, The Machines Arena wasn’t initially intended as a Web3 game. However, through the partnership with Sky Mavis, the team has transitioned into the Web3 gaming industry. 

The gameplay is a fast-paced hero shooter where participants battle against each other. Players can compete against other players, or try their luck in the Player vs. Environment modes. Furthermore, while in the arena, in-game characters are represented by multiple heroes with unique abilities and weapons. 

Even though the game has launched on the Ronin chain, it has currently launched in its closed beta phase that anyone can request access to join. According to the team, it will use players’ experience in closed beta to improve the gameplay and iron out any bugs. 

With the Web3 integration, The Machines Arena, once fully launched, will feature digital collectibles. The team also plans to release the game on Epic Games and add mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Top 6 Web3 Games Available on the Ronin Blockchain

2. Battle Bears

Battle Bears comes in as a top-down shooter game developed by SkyVu. Like most other games on this list, the game wasn’t initially built for Web3 gaming. However, the team wants to take advantage of the Ronin integration to offer more exciting experience to its users. 

The battle features five different modes which users can participate in for a thrilling gaming experience. Every player at the start of the game receives exclusive in-game skins which will help them on their way on the battlefield. Meanwhile, an additional community element also allows players to connect and share their experiences.

3. Bowled

Bowled is a social gaming platform from Bali Games, the studio behind Anipang, a game with over 130 million downloads. Bowled allows users to engage in games, own in-game sports assets, and interact with their favorite sports influencers. 

The game is popular among cricket lovers in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, allowing them to collect all-team stars and win games. 

While Bowled was not initially built as a Web3 game, it will feature NFTs and in-game assets when it launches on Ronin. Users will also earn rewards and be able to make in-app purchases, while the game also has a dedicated NFT marketplace where users can trade and exchange NFTs. 

Sky Mavis hopes to onboard users from regions where the game is currently popular through the platform. In addition, the partnership will also see the integration of other popular sports like basketball and football.

4. Pixels

A relative newcomer to the Ronin blockchain, Pixels originally cut its teeth on the Polygon Network, before switching sides. This recent acquisition marks a watershed moment for Ronin, as Pixels already has a massive following and an established gaming network.

Through the title, players can embark on farming and exploration escapades, while an additional social level allows players to engage with each other in the guise of their favourite NFT PFPs. In addition, players can also acquire their own personal plot of virtual NFT land on which to develop their digital homestead.

Top 6 Web3 Games Available on the Ronin Blockchain

5. Tribesters: Island of Solas

Tribesters, an open-world MMO game by community-led gaming studio Tribes Studio. The game will launch on the Ronin blockchain, courtesy of the partnership with Sky Mavis. 

Before then, the team wants to release a community engagement platform. The platform will allow the game’s community to participate in the game’s development and earn rewards. 

According to information on Ronin’s website, the game is a platform where “users can work together to build a creative Web3 experience.”

6. Axie Match 3 

Axie Match 3 is a yet-to-launch game on the Ronin blockchain created by Bali Games, the same studio behind Bowled. According to information on Ronin’s website, the game is a Match-3 puzzle with a player vs. player league and championship.  

The mobile-first game is inspired by Sky Mavis’s Axie Infinity, and will not only extend Ronin’s reach but will also lure Axie Infinity lovers to the platform.

Final Words

All of these recent developments show that Sky Mavis aims to carve itself a major role in the Web3 gaming industry. The new games on its Ronin chain have the potential to be big hits, especially those with established following outside of the Web3 space. 

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