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Ubisoft is raising prices on upcoming Xbox Series X|S and PS5 games


Ubisoft announced that it’ll soon be pricing its games at $70. Speaking with Axios‘ Stephen Totillo, CEO Yves Guillemot said the price of its games on current generation hardware (read: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) would go up. 

For years and several console generations, the standard editions of games have been priced at $60. In 2020 just before the PS5 launched, Sony announced that its first-party titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the Demon’s Souls remake, would be $70. This practice would later be adopted by Take-Two that same year, though on a “case by case” basis.

It appears that Ubisoft is following a similar track as Take-Two. “Big games”, beginning with November’s Skull & Bones, will have the new price. Others, added Guillemot, “will come at the same price as the competition.” Over the weekend, the French publisher revealed 2023’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which is considered a “smaller game,” and priced at $50. 

Currently, it remains unclear if deluxe editions, which Ubisoft often dabbles in, will face price adjustment to go along with the standard editions of its games.

Games, consoles, and DLC are all costing more

Ubisoft’s price hike isn’t entirely unexpected, as the topic of price increases has come up throughout the summer. 

Last month, Sony revealed that it would be increasing the price of the PS5 in countries such as the UK, Canada, and Japan. Afterwards, Microsoft and Nintendo re-confirmed that their consoles wouldn’t go up in price.

Later this month, Paradox’s Crusader Kings III will retroactively increase the price of its DLC, and future content packs will be similarly priced. 


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