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Unicorns Unite Turns 5


Unicorns Unite Turns 5

Beach House of Zen proudly presents Unicorns Unite November 10-13, hosted by Glory Road Gardens in Lutz, Florida. 

Come together in celebration and raising of awareness for pursuits in nature, music, sustainability, unity, art, and love.

More than 30 bands and performers are on the lineup, many who have played several Unicorn Unite fests (and a few of them ALL!). The schedule looks great, featuring these amazing performers:

Row Jomah, Tropico Blvd, Jessica Jones, Displace, One Love Rising, Joy Wagon, Sauce Pocket, Unity Rising, Free Range Strange, Moonbae, Looksha, Free Range Roosters, THE LOVENGERS, Intergalactic Vibe Tribe, Space Krate, Amber Lynn Nicol, Laura Shepherd, AOWLS, Blacksheep Troubadour, Lorie Jo Bridges, Hart Strangs, Stephanie Perez, Ephemeral Stream, Johnny B’s Dead Fish Smell, The Wandering Hours, René Schlegl, Addison LaFlamme, Luminous Soul, Amused and Confused, K2theC, Expression, and Este’s Church of Love

Beach House of Zen is a holistic center for building community through creativity. 

Grab your tickets and join this ever-expanding community!





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